Welcome to the Parkville Living Center

The Parkville Living Center (PLC) is a space created to facilitate community. We walk with our community through all the situations that life presents. We recognize that love grows the more you give it away. We are creating a space for Parkville to be in community – to explore all that life has to offer, together.

A community has needs, both to give as well as to receive.

Call ‪(816) 659-3277‬  or email marcus@parkvillelivingcenter.org to continue this conversation.

The Vision

With your help we are creating a new type of community center, in the heart of Parkville. Hosted by Parkville Presbyterian Church, the Parkville Living Center is a place where building relationship is our guiding principle. We invite anyone to come and share in the journey that is life. We hold space to meet our community needs where they are, we bring our experiences and the collective experiences of our community to guide us and to help us grow, together. Out of this personal engagement comes events, activities and other expressions of community, growth, peace and joy.

Town Hall Forum

Find out what is happening in Parkville. Free monthly forum.

Fun, News, & Events

Art Wall

We recognize the value in art expression and with your help we spread that value.

Share Expression

Money Talk

Need help navigating or growing your finances? Have the time and talents to help others?

Want to talk?

Our Stories

Stories provide a gift to the teller as well as to the listener. Explore Our Stories to learn more.

Parkville Stories

Sharing stories of our community

Stories are how we attempt to communicate the holistic nature of life. Through stories we not only tell of an experience, but we share that experience and craft the story to our audience. Here we will tell some of those stories, and we invite you to tell YOUR stories. For more information or to tell your stories, please contact the Parkville Living Center.

It all adds up

It all adds up

It all adds upIn this vlog we discuss community center fundraising. Particularly the Parkville Living Center. We believe that with many hands, the impossible becomes possible. We also believe that everyone has incredible value that should be celebrated! Check out how...

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Healing vs Cure

We are often heard saying that we walk with people and that we hold space for people, but what does that mean? In the blog below we attempt to put words to the wordless and to recognize our limits, as well as our potential.

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Money Talk?

Money Talk?Many people have very complex relationships with money, and we here at the PLC wish to be a resource for you or other members of our community that may want to walk with someone as they learn about money, learn about saving, budgeting, investing, growing,...

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The origins of Parkville Days

I have lived in Parkville for many years now, celebrating our historic downtown area, the river, the parks and of course Parkville Days. It never really occurred to me to look up the history of Parkville Days, as I just assumed a small river trading town simply always had a carnival-type event. This is not a story of someone setting off to research a carnival, rather it is the story of how amazing things start, both in terms of art but also in terms of tradition.

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A conversation with Pearl

It is amazing how much can be gained from a simple conversation – in fact, that is probably the way most amazing things start. In this blog we explore a conversation with Perl Spencer and learn about some of Parkville’s less celebrated past.

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Get in Touch. Get Involved.

This dynamic offering depends on you, our community. Reach out, even if you are not sure why, and we can talk about whatever is on your mind.

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