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In November of 2023 the Parkville Living Center was able to respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP) from the Platte County Senior Fund, to provide senior social and wellness activities in Dearborn. In December, the following month, we were informed that we were awarded the grant. 

Since then we have been working towards a three-phased approach to senior services in Dearborn – A quick aside, I will be writing a short blog post about the amazing community that exists here in Dearborn, and how amazing it has been to be welcomed into this town. But back to the phases…

Phase 1 – Get senior activities back in place, as they were in September 2023.

Phase 2 – Hold Community Input Sessions to hear how Dearborn envisions senior services going forward. 

Phase 3 – Put in place what we can from the listening sessions, and build the things that need a little more time and planning.

We are now in Phase 3

Thank you for your support and feedback at our Community Input Sessions!

Who is the Parkville Living Center and what does that have to do with the Dearborn Senior Collaborative?

The Parkville Living Center is the 501c3 nonprofit organization that was created back in 2020 to provide community services in Parkville. Since then we have grown a strong senior citizen following and have a lot of experience, resources, and are the provider of services for the Dearborn Senior Collaborative.

We reached out to various groups and organizations in and around town and invited them to participate in these input sessions. We utilized print and digital media marketing channels, as well as emails and personal invitations. We spoke with approximately 17 people during these sessions.

Summary of what we heard

  • A few folks do a lot of the organizing around town – how to get more people involved?

  • It would be nice to have a place to just hang out and drink coffee and play cards

  • This community center is amazing!

  • This community really loves the programs that are in place

Proposed plan going forward:

  • Add programs 1/1.5 hour(s) after current, for a break (social) time.

    • Have coffee and cards available during this break time.

    • Evaluate all aspects of this program growth ongoing.

  • Develop Resource Toolkit for ease and efficiency of ongoing programming.

  • Experiment with volunteer responsibilities for break time.

We are now in Phase 3

Come check out the Weston Senior Collaborative

Chair Yoga

Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am, facilitated by Cole Bedell.

An excellent way to exercise, listen to your body, and meet other people. Chair Yoga takes place at the Community Building – 205 Commercial

Low Impact Aerobics

Tuesday and Thursday morning at 11am.

Cole Bedell provides another great way to get your steps in, get your heartrate up in a healthy way, and keep your body moving. 


On the second Thursday and fourth Tuesday of each month at 11:45am.

We provide a light lunch along with great bingo prizes.

Questions or concerns, please contact marcus@parkvillelivingcenter.org

Check out a calendar of senior activities across northern Platte County

A Few Parkville Living Center Activities